Email tracker, read receipt and spy pixel blocker plugin for macOS Apple Mail

What is this?

MailTrackerBlocker is a plugin (mailbundle) for the default Mail app built-in to macOS. Email marketers and other interests often embed these trackers in HTML emails so they can track how often, when and where you open your emails. This plugin labels who is tracking you and strips out spy pixels out of the HTML before display, rendering the typical advice of disabling "load remote content in messages" unnecessary.

Browse your inbox privately with images displayed once again.

Be informed. Say No To Spy Pixels.

Blocked Trackers

ActiveCampaign Amazon SES AWeber Bananatag Boomerang Campaign Monitor Cirrus Insight Close Constant Contact ContactMonkey ConvertKit Critical Impact Emarsys Gem Getnotify GetResponse GitHub GrowthDot FreshMail Hubspot iContact Intercom Litmus Mailchimp Mailgun Mailjet Mailspring MailTrack Mandrill Marketo MixMax Mixpanel NetHunt Outreach phpList Polymail Postmark Return Path Sailthru Salesforce SendGrid Sendy Streak Superhuman Thunderhead Tinyletter Wix YAMM Yesware Zendesk Sell

How can I set this up?

For macOS 10.14 and newer

After installing from the link above, enable the plugin by:

  1. In Mail, open Preferences > General > Manage Plug-ins...
  2. Check MailTrackerBlocker.mailbundle
  3. Click Apply and Restart Mail

Disabling "load remote content in messages" with MailTrackerBlocker enabled is redundant; re-enable this option for the best experience.

Setup Instructions
For macOS 10.13 and older

After installing from the link above, MailTrackerBlocker will be automatically enabled after installation.

How do I use this?

Look for the small Block Icon icon button to see which trackers have been blocked. Tap for details.


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